Secon’s VIP
Doorman Concierge
Secon’s hospitality division is trained in providing an outstanding experience to each and every resident. It begins with the moment a resident first approaches your property and carries through until the day they move elsewhere. In addition to providing the services listed below, our personnel are also trained in detecting suspicious activities and in reporting incidents, accidents or medical emergencies to your property’s manager.
VIP services include:
  Front-Desk Security & Visitor Sign-In
  Key Assignments to Building Facilities
  Package/Post Collection & Holding
  Package/Post Delivery to Door
  On-Demand Personalized Concierge
  Child Daycare & Pet Care
  Weekly Structure/Property Inspections
  Weekly Tenant Satisfaction Reviews
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Secon’s VIP
Site Security
From securing construction sites to actively managing access to corporate facilities, our experienced, certified and uniformed security personnel keep a watchful eye on your property 24 hours a day. For active jobsites, we perform walkthroughs every hour, on the hour. These walkthroughs follow a sophisticated point system that covers every angle and entry point, securing your building against strangers, squatters and pipe thieves.
VIP services include:
  Trained Rotation Patrol Personnel
  Security Check-In (Sign-In with ID)
  Familiarity with Fire Alarm Panel
  Quarantining & Site Inspections
  Background Checks & Screenings
  24/7/365 Dispatch Center
  Detailed Weekly Reports
  Parameter Patrol (Mobile & Foot)
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Secon’s VIP
Day Laborer
When you need skilled workers for the short term, Secon’s industry-leading day laborer services enable you to hire exactly as needed. By employing these laborers directly and simply contracting them to you for the duration of the term, Secon eliminates the vetting, hiring, insurance and overhead hurdles associated with employee onboarding and offboarding. Now you can accept even the biggest projects – and deliver as promised.
VIP services include:
  Licensed & Bonded Workforce
  Rapid Availability & Reservation
  Fully Covered by Secon Insurance
  Completely Free of Administrative Hassle
  No Labor Minimums Required
  Industry Specialties Available
  Per-Job & Per-Day Pricing
  Transportation to Jobsite
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Secon’s VIP
Porter Personnel
Whether your property is already under one of Secon’s VIP services or not, our porter personnel are available to keep things up to par with your most demanding standards of hygiene and professionalism. From residential buildings to commercial properties, we utilize the latest word in maintenance machinery and technology to customize our porter services to your specific needs. Light repair services are also available at request.
VIP services include:
  Surface Cleaning & Disinfection
  Indoor & Outdoor Litter Removal
  Restroom Facility Maintenance
  Trash Receptacle Maintenance
  Graffiti & Cobweb Abatement
  Window & Exteriors Washing
  Newsstand & Phone Booth Cleaning
  Weekly Reports of Premise Conditions
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