Your Property’s
Curb Appeal
You work hard to ensure that your building is a proud place to call home – or work. And thanks to your careful screening processes and luxury amenities, your residents are the crème of the tenant crop. At Secon we supplement your efforts by interconnecting with every service you offer – onsite and off – to make your property truly brag-worthy.
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and Synchronizing
Secon’s suite of VIP services not only ensures that your residents’ every wish is carried out expeditiously and courteously, but also that it’s all done with financial efficiency and autonomy. To that end, our service personnel report to directly to Secon, get paid by Secon, and are monitored and evaluated by our own managing members.
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Without Administrative
We extensively screen, evaluate, drug test, and train our staff before placing them with your property. We also handle all administrative burdens, leaving you with no people to vet, no payrolls to run, no insurances to cover, no unions to please, no staff shortages on sick days, and zero employee hurdles to overcome. Secon is fully licensed and bonded.
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That Breeds Tenant
All our service professionals serving your residents arrive clothed in smart uniform provided by Secon. Outfits are cleaned and pressed frequently so that you are represented in a professional and respectable manner. Coupled with our people’s eagerness to please, this presence results in a rapid increase in resident satisfaction and referral rates.

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